What To Wear 

1. Select an Outfit for your Parents

This should be an outfit your parents love, and are proud of. Don't argue with them or even voice your opinion. They have been dreaming of this moment since you were born, so let them have this one! 


2. Select an Outfit for "YOU"

This should be an outfit that truly speaks to who YOU are! It might be your favorite warn in jeans, tennis shoes and favorite t-shirt or a favorite dress. This outfit should be full of personality and character! Some girls choose their jersey, cheer outfit, or extracurricular details.


3. Select your version of a "Formal Outfit"

This Should be an outfit that is something you would select when dressing up. Something formal, and really nice! This might be funky and colorful, or neutral and elegant. Long flowing maxi gowns photograph beautifully! Don't try to fit into a box, or be like anyone else. Simply wear whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself! 


Send photos of your outfits to me. Once I see them I'll recommend locations that jive with the vibe of your aesthetic. If there is a location you have in mind, think about what might compliment that setting when you choose your looks. 

Professional Hair + Makeup

Yes, it's true! The camera sees everything! Details will be magnified so DO NOT OVERLOOK them!! You'll want to book a professional hair and makeup artist, wear false lashes, and have your nails and toenails done. 

Ensure your hair and makeup compliment your outfit choices. 


What to Bring

Fur babies, horses, cars, Cap + Gown, Class Ring, Any Personal Items such as a basketball, jersey etc. 


Beauty Recommendations